Welcome To Golden Gate Missionary Baptist Church, This is a place “Where True Life Change Happens!”  Your stopping by here today is no accident and we are glad that the Holy Spirit led you this way.1947194719471947

Golden Gate Missionary Baptist Church Began in 1930 in an area of Dallas known as “The Bottoms” and has  had a historical commitment to this area for over 80 years. Golden Gate Missionary Baptist Church was traditionally focused on children and men and has been moving from a family church to a community church with community partnerships with the N.W. Harllee Elementary, Town View Magnet High School and Eloise Lundy Recreation Center.

rev_smith2Partnerships are also establish with Golden Seeds CDC, Joseph E. Lockridge Scholarship Foundation and the Adult Rehabilitation Ministry. All of the before mentioned organizations are involved in growth and development of the community in the area known as the “Bottoms”.

Since the beginning of the church, there have been only five Pastors at Golden Gate Missionary Baptist Church.  J.L. Lampley, D. Manning Jackson, L. R. Lockridge, C.B.T. Smith and Vincent. T. Parker.

We invite you to take a long look at us. We may be just the church for you! It is our earnest desire to be a church that exalts Christ and provides people just like you with as many opportunities for spiritual growth and “TRUE” life changes.

Visit our website as often as you would like and we invite you to come worship with us at our 10:00 a.m. Sunday Worship Services, 7:00 pm Wednesday night Service or any of the small groups that meet.  We also welcome you to visit the TESTIMONIES OF TRUE LIFE CHANGE page to read stories on how God is moving and changing lives at Golden Gate.