Campaign Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What is the Parable of the Talents Campaign?

It is our 6-month stewardship campaign built around Matthew 25:14–30. Participating members are given an opportunity to receive “Talent” funds and multiply them to see how God can work and to reach our goals. Participating members who choose not to receive “Talent” funds will have the option to participate by:
A.   Increasing the amount of their normal tithe by 1% or more for the duration of the campaign 
B.   Trying tithing for the duration of campaign if they are not currently a regular tither
C.   Increasing the amount of their normal offering for the duration of the campaign
2.  What are the goals of the campaign?

A.   Promote the biblical model of stewardship
B.   Have fun while engaging more people
C.   Raise $87,000 to use toward our renovation plans

3.  How long is the campaign?
Six (6) months.  The campaign begins Sunday, June 11th and ends in November.
4.  What am I supposed to do with the “Talent” funds I received?
Pray and ask God for guidance and direction. Then, use your gifts, abilities and creativity to take the funds you received and multiply them. In the Parable of the Talents from Matthew 25, the master entrusted each of his servants with a certain amount of money, according to their ability. Two of the three servants doubled the amount of money they were given and were commended and rewarded when the master returned. We’d like you to multiply the funds you received as well.

5.  Are there any rules regarding how I can use the funds I received?
Yes. Please click here for a list of the guidelines. 

6.  Can you help me with ideas to multiply the funds? 
Yes. Please click here for suggestion list of ideas. 
7.  Do I have to keep the funds I received and raise until November?
No. You can put them in the special envelope provided in the pews on Sunday and place them in the Tithes and Offerings boxes. The campaign will have three phases.  Phase 1 is from June 11 to July 30. We are asking members who participate in Phase 1 to return all funds by Sunday, July 30th.
8.  Can I partner with other people to multiply the funds I received?
Yes, you can partner with others to help one another.
9.  Can I sell items at the church to multiply my funds?
On the 5th Sundays during the campaign, we will hold Talent Showcase Sunday! You will have the opportunity to sell your crafts, baked goods, etc. after the morning worship service at the Gatehouse. Please let your designated team member know if you would like to participate and we’ll reserve a table for you.

10.  Can I make a video of how I used the funds I received?
Yes. We would love to use your ideas to encourage others during this campaign. Video is a great way to do this
11.  What are the guidelines for the video?
You can make it yourself with your mobile device, tablet or video camera. Try to limit it to three (3) minutes max and answer the following questions:
A.   What was your first thought when your heard about the Parable of the Talents Campaign?
B.   What made you decide to take a “Talent” envelope?
C.   What have you decided to do with your “Talent”?
D.   Are you teaming up with anyone?
E.   Does this seem like a fun opportunity or a burdensome responsibility?
Email your video to Barbara Bradford at If you would like help with your video, or have additional questions, call or email the church at 214.942.7474 or