Our church has been called by God to make an impact in our neighborhood and city.  With God’s calling comes challenges that offer God the opportunity to do what only He can do in our culture —use a church, this church, as the centerpiece of His love to a community.
With this in mind, we are asking you,
the membership of Golden Gate, to make a faith-filled financial investment in the ministry and the campus of our church.
We will invest in ministry by getting out of debt for the Gate House.
Investment in the campus will involve significant remodeling and improve-ments in the worship areas.
  • Updating restrooms
  • Media center upgrades
  • Pulpit are restructure
  • and more
We are asking each member to prayerfully consider the following:
  • Every Member Tithe.
    If every member would commit to giving at least 10% of their income, the Gate House note will be paid off in short
  • Make a 3-year commitment above the tithe.
    We are asking each member to commit to giving above the tithe at one of the levels in the chart on the back to help us reach our 90th Church Anniversary goal of $504,000.
Please select Giving 2020 from the dropdown menu.